Capstone BFPM

For a capstone idea, the idea that was given to us in the BFPM packet that suggested that we make a mock “Mythbusters” episode really appealed to me. I was going to base it around one of the questions that we did in class that was in the packet

If a person is a holding a piece of paper taught, and you punch the paper and your fist goes through the paper, ripping a hole into it, then your fist exerted more force on the paper then the paper did on you.

I chose this question to use because it really heightened my understanding during class when we did it. The result to this with be BUSTED, and I would prove it using many different things.


  1. Understand why they would think that your fist exerts more force, but prove their idea(s) wrong
  2. Watch a mythbusters episode to find out the structure (maybe)
  3. Small scale (hitting two motion sensors together), big scale experiment. Before the experiments I would say like what would happen with the wrong and right thinkings
  4. Conclusions and stuff
  5. Robotics robot (Beau/Jonny) maybe
  6. Measure how much a piece of standard printer paper can hold until it tears, then translate that into like a force exerted by a fist.

I have a video camera and I would edit it in iMovie.

One thought on “Capstone BFPM

  1. I think this sounds like a good start. Focus first on your small scale test. I’ve got pushing force scales, and I think you should also use tissue paper. You should be able to see the force required to break the tissue paper 2 ways—by pushing with the SS, and by using the tissue paper to hold masses.

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